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Mar 23 05 4:23 AM

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If you could design your own tekken character what would he/she look like? What would his/her history be and you know give us a profile as if he was a real character
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Mar 23 05 6:39 AM

Name:Huang Zui
Fighting Style:Martial Arts


Huang Zui.

A Rich Martial Artist.

Huang was just training with his father when a man knocked on the door.It was Lei Wulong.Lei asked Huang's father is he saw a Chinese Kenpo Master.He knew the guy he was talking about,it was Feng Wei.then while Huang was sleeping in his Aunts house his dojo was destroyed.He knew Feng Wei did this.When he found out Feng was entering The KOIFT6 he joined right away for REVENGE.

Hairony Tail
Clothes:Black unbuttoned jacket and pants
Red shades
Red Sneakers

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Mar 23 05 5:35 PM

A disgraced warlock roamed far and wide to find somewhere he could live in peace. however his enemy Yoshimitsu spread his dishonor far and wide. now he seeks revenge opon Yoshimitsu

Hair: Crimson Spikes
Clothes: Dark flowing robes like the LOTR ringwraith's
Holding large red staff

GO GORONS GO, GOGORONS,GO GORONS, GO GO, GO GORONS, YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 23 05 10:41 PM

everybody sounds cool if only we had a good artist to draw them for us lol

well here is my character

Name: I havent really thought of his name yet though lol
Fighting Style:a little judo, hwrangdo, and some jujitsu


Hehachi Mishima curious of the devil gene which lies in the depths of Jin Kazama he also wanted the perfect son the one who was almost exactly like himself, he sent people to capture him and they succeded. Jin later in Hehachis lab was put in a cloneing machine to extract the devil gene and as the cloned gene was extracted from Jin, they released him and placed the gene in a seperate containment tube to grow on its on in hopes of creating a pure demon and a perfect son. But as the thing grew in a body shape of a shape of a man it also grew a mind of its own and became out of control and busted from the container eyes glowing red as blood itself he easily escaped through heihachi, his fathers guards strong yet incomplete he now holds a tournament to find others with the devil gene laying within them if he finds the one he will devore the persons soul and body and......become complete!!! He was also given some fake memories also of him being thrown off a cliff and some others.

lol ok this is actually a storyline for a tekken rpg that i made but its like a bio

this is similar to what he looks like bsides the details ive changed lol this is just the general idea yeah i know its goh from VF4 evo.


Hair:brown it looks like jins hair from the cover of tekken 4
Face:he has a few scars
Clothes: He wears a jacket thing with no buttons or zippers its wide open with a hood all of it is black his pants are black and baggy and he has combat boots (think goh virtua fighter 4 evo.)

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Mar 23 05 11:06 PM

NAME- Perfect Ogre
AGE- Unknown
Style- Unknown
Origin- Ancient Mexico

Ogre's final form, his power is unmatched. An arua consumes ogre's corpse after Jinpachi is defeated by Devil Jin, and the corpse transforms into a contorted and distorted form, a dark force walks the earth, the world will never be the same.....

Laser Scraper
Flea Stance
Lee's DF+444(and 333)
pauls basic punches
law flip kicks
various old ogre moves
some hei moves
some raven moves


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Mar 24 05 7:53 PM


HEAD: true ogre with hei hair and pachi beard
STOMACH pachi mouth
ARMS - one is three insect legs, the other is the snake, but its like a zombie.
LEGS - true ogre
WINGS - tattered ogre wings
and hes covered in purple fire.


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Mar 24 05 10:27 PM

i guess it kinda makes sense but there really isnt a story here actually unless you people wanna write each a small fan fic on how your character came about and such?

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Mar 25 05 5:40 PM

Come on guys, lets fill this board up with fan fics or stories, whether they are new or you have written them previously!

BTW TH - I've asked Tekken_Mad to join so he may be joining us soon.


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